I am opposed to the State and Federal Governments constructing the proposed Perth Freight Link. I pledge that I, along with other community members, will engage in peaceful but determined protest activity in opposition to this unpopular, costly and environmentally devastating freeway. Instead of freeways, governments should be investing in improved and expanded public transport, rail freight and other sustainable and economic freight solutions. I agree that RPFL may contact me with the details I supply.

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After taking the pledge please send us a photo with one of our pledge flyers. Just download one here, or write your own, take a photo of yourself and email it to us!


Thousands of Western Australians oppose the Perth Freight Link and Roe 8. This interactive map shows the postal area location of 1,932 people who, as of 14th December, have made a commitment by taking the Rethink the Link Pledge.

Unlike the recent Sunday Times WA Speaks survey, every data point is a real Western Australian, (individuals cannot be identified from the map). The data has been filtered to exclude people who did not supply a verifiable email address, doubles and those living outside WA.

By taking the pledge you can help us to visualise opposition to Roe 8 and the Perth Freight Link. We will be updating this map during the lead up to the State election.

How to read the map.
Warm colours show areas of high number of opposition. The map demonstrates that this includes areas outside the immediate impact zone, including Premier Barnett’s seat of Cottesloe, and demonstrates this protest is not restricted to locals living around the route. Click on an individual postcode area to read off the actual number of pledge takers. Use the +/- zoom button to expand the map to reveal supporters across the state. While some of the counts are low, those taking the pledge can be considered the highly committed end of a spectrum of opposition. For every person who has taken the pledge, there are many more who want improved and expanded public transport, rail freight and other sustainable and economic freight solutions – not a highway through the Beeliar wetlands and woodlands.

Please be patient while the map loads