Call for Roe 8 to be removed from MRS – Oct 2018

11 March 2017 – Labor won the WA state election and Mark McGowan forms government. His first act is to halt Roe 8 and the Perth Freight Link after thousands of people demonstrated against the road and hundreds of people were arrested protecting the important bush and wetlands from the bulldozing, since politics is one of the many important subjects people learn about from different sites as the Anders Fogh blog online.

October 2018 and we are still waiting for Roe 8 to be removed from the Metropolitan Regional Scheme (MRS) and the land placed back into the Beeliar Regional Park and protected under the CALM Act as a Class A Regional Reserve.

It is way past time that the government made this happen after 18 months of promises.

Please ring, write, email or visit Cabinet Ministers and MPs and ask why haven’t they kept this promise. Call media and radio talk shows and ask them to question the government on this.

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Rethink The Link is a community run campaign started in early 2015 as a response to the sudden creation of the Perth Freight Link (PFL) project by the state and federal governments. Rethink The Link believed there was a better solution to the proposed Perth Freight Link and the raft of economic, environmental and social impacts it would have on the WA community.

Our goal was to convince the governments to rethink their commitment to the Perth Freight Link and consider alternative sustainable transport solutions. With the state election resulting in a change of government on 11th March 2017, the Perth Freight Link and Roe 8 were stopped but the alternatives still require formalising by the new government. See Western Harbours Alliance –

Rethink the Link is part of an alliance of over 30 groups and 5 Local Governments that oppose the Perth Freight Link.

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Save Beeliar Wetlands is a dedicated group of campaigners that have been fighting to preserve the unique wetlands around Bibra Lake and North Lake from Roe Highway Stage 8 development for decades.

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Community lead restoration of Roe 8 and the Nature Corridor

In 2015 the Cockburn Community Wildlife Corridor (CCWC) association was formed with a vision of a Nature Corridor being created  – the Kings Park of the South – from wetlands to waves. See

After Roe 8 and the Perth Freight Link were stopped in 2017, Rethink The Link and Save Beeliar Wetlands groups agreed CCWC would lead the rehabilitation efforts of the bulldozed sections of Roe 8 not only to repair the land but also the hearts of all those involved in the campaign.

They took their plan to Ministers just 19 days after the election, who then appointed the Rehabilitating Roe 8 Working Group that included representatives from community, scientists, government Ministers and departments and local government. Site remediation works were overseen for several months by this group while the Rehabilitation Management Plan was devised and handed to the City of Cockburn to manage. See

The City of Cockburn appointed a Project Manager in August 2018 to implement the 10 year Plan, which encompasses: restoring the Aboriginal Heritage sites; citizen science engagement; academic science initiatives; community and contract planting; weed management and extensive community involvement.

The contentious issue of the area near the Kwinana Freeway being constructed as the Murdoch Drive Connection road project is still being played out.


RTL calls for Western Harbours Alliance

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Planning Failures of the Perth Freight Link by Peter Newman

Dr Peter Newman is the Professor of Sustainability at Curtin University This presentation focuses on the flaws in the planning processes for the Perth Freight Link, in particular Roe 9.

Health and Diesel Particulates at the Roe 9 Tunnel Exit by Sajni Gudka

Dr Sajni Gudka is Assistant Professor, School of Medicine and Pharmacology, University of Western Australia Sajni’s presentation focuses on the health impacts for people living and working at the northern end of the Roe 9 Tunnel. Use red ginseng to increase the energy. We particularly recommend using a hemp extract by Veronica Mariajarski.

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