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Here are some of the Key Talking Points on Roe 8/ Perth Freight Link you may like to use.

The essential thing is to keep it short and simple and comment on why this is important to you.

You can also download the information on this page in pdf format here.


1. Stop works on Roe 8 and let us vote.

2. Building a $2billion freight link that doesn’t even get to the near capacity port, is financially irresponsible

3. There’s a better solution: a new port at Kwinana will solve freight and congestion issues.

Use this contact forms or go to the CCWA site

Please write and call the people and media outlets listed below with your views.


WA Labor has announced it will scrap PFL if it wins government at the March election, making any clearing or work done in the preceding months senseless and a waste of money.

WA Labor and The Greens oppose PFL and support the Outer Harbour at Kwinana.


$1.9 billion for 13 km of road that doesn’t even reach the port is unacceptable when WA has huge debt, despite the mining boom.

The Government is building Roe 8/ PFL with scarce tax payer funds to maximize profit from the sale of Fremantle Port, potentially to overseas interests.

If built PFL would be WA’s first Toll road.

Upgrading existing road and rail links to a new Kwinana port would bring jobs growth and economic benefits that far outweigh those stated for the PFL.

In 2005 the Freight Network Review determined that Roe 8 is not needed for freight access to the Outer Harbour at Kwinana.

Despite 100+ FOI requests, documents have been withheld even though the Administrative Appeals

Tribunal ordered their release. The Senate has been refused their request to view the secret documents.


If PFL is built container truck tra ic through Fremantle is projected to triple in under 16 years and the bottleneck at Stirling Bridge would cause gridlock.

Building Roe 8/PFL will not take trucks o the road – it will just move them to make a problem for somewhere else.

International research clearly shows freeways are not the answer to congestion as induced tra ic will only bring more cars.

The PFL will lead to a massive increase in Diesel Particulate pollution classified carcinogenic by W.H.O. when the city of Paris is banning diesel by 2020. There are 42 schools and child care centres within 1km of the proposed route.

The PFL will dramatically increase noise pollution in suburban communities.

Threatened species such as the Carnaby’s and Red-Tailed Black Cockatoos will lose their habitat and many creatures and plants will die.

Roe 8 would disturb connection to and destroy Whadjuk Noongar land.

The damage to the fragile ecosystems of the Beeliar Wetlands will be irreparable.

O set land purchased at Lake Clifton and Nirimba does not meet Federal environmental EPBC act guidelines.

Asbestos has been found on site and management plans are not being followed.

The Court has ruled neither the Environmental Protection Authority nor the government are obliged to follow their own policies. This sets a precedent with implications in many areas.

Contact Details

State Politicians

Hon. Colin Barnett, MLA Premier
1 Parliament Place, WEST PERTH WA 6005
(08) 6552-5000

Hon. Bill Marmion MLA
WA Minister for Transport
(08) 6552 6800

Hon. Brendon Grylls MLA
Leader of the National Party of Australia (WA)
1800 988 252

Hon. Albert Jacobs, Minister for Environment, Heritage
(08) 6552 5800

Hon. Dr Michael Nahan MLA
(08) 6552 5700

Hon. Mark McGowan MLA
Leader of the Opposition
(08) 6552 9900

Federal Politicians

The Hon Malcolm Turnbull MP Prime Minister
(02) 6277 7700

Senator the Hon Mathias Cormann Minister for Finance
(08) 9325 4227

The Hon Scott Morrison MP Treasurer
(02) 6277 7340

Hon. Josh Frydenberg, Minister for the Environment and Energy
(02) 6277 7920

Letters to the Editor

The West
(08) 9482 3111

The Australian
(02) 9288 3000

Fremantle Herald
(08) 9430 7727

Community Newspapers
(08) 9237 1000

Post Newspapers
(08) 9381 3088

Media Contacts

Call talk back radio stations and write to the newspapers. Give just one reason why you oppose the PFL.

ABC 720
1300 222 720
SMS/Text-Message: 0437 922 720
email   facebook

(08) 9221 1882
SMS/Text-Message: 19 999 677
email  facebook

(08) 9484 1080