There is a better plan to address the freight transport needs of our city and state.

The ‘Indian Ocean Gateway’ – an outer harbour, backed by a intermodal transport facility – has the support of the Cities of Fremantle, Cockburn and Kwinana, and has been extensively investigated.

This involves a ‘cap and transition plan’, which

  • Capps the volume of container freight handled through the inner harbour at Fremantle; and
  • Transitions the handling of container freight to a new outer harbour at Kwinana.

The Cap and Transition Plan involves taking freight traffic south from Kwinana Freeway along the current rail line, between South Lake and Little Rush Lake, then south to an outer harbour at Kwinana. An intermodal facility would be located at Latitude 32.

This plan directly addresses problems in Fremantle and Kwinana: ‘Indirect effects of the Perth Freight Link include that Fremantle will be stunted due to having too many trucks and Kwinana will be stunted due to having too few.’ (Professor Peter Newman, City of Fremantle Community Forum, 11 July 2015)

RTL calls for Western Harbours Alliance

Today RTL has taken steps to form an alliance of stakeholders looking towards the Kwinana Outer Harbour. The Western Harbours Alliance aspires to ensure triple bottom line processes are followed to bring about a win-win for everyone. This is a historical step forward that could see over 80,000 direct and indirect jobs created, a huge economic boon for…

Planning Failures of the Perth Freight Link by Peter Newman

Dr Peter Newman is the Professor of Sustainability at Curtin University This presentation focuses on the flaws in the planning processes for the Perth Freight Link, in particular Roe 9.

The Case for the Outer Harbour by Cameron Edwards

This is a presentation by Cameron Edward, a corporate and infrastructure advisor with decades of experience in infrastructure, industrial and port developments.

Kwinana Outer Harbour – An Independent Commercial Perspective

Cameron Edwards, Director of corporate advisory and investment firm Mainsheet Capital, provides a case for the future of port development in Western Australia. Including what to do about Fremantle Port and the need for investment in the Kwinana Outer Harbour.

CUSP Perth Freight Link Reports

The City of Fremantle commissioned the Curtin University Sustainability Policy Institute (CUSP) to assess the Perth Freight Link and alternatives to it. CUSP has produced two expert reports. Perth Freight Link: Good Idea, Wrong Port (10MB), 22 April 2015 Perth Freight Link: Making the Right Investment in Perth’s Freight Task (19MB), CUSP, 8 June 2015…

AIA Urban Design Forum – The PFL

In February 2017 the Australian Institute of Architects held an Urban Design Forum on the subject of Roe 8 and the Perth Freight link. The AIA have not officially taken a position on the PFL, but the forum was a useful contribution to the conversation. Events like these highlight that – although the opposition to Roe 8…

Better Urban Infrastructure – A Freight Plan for Perth

What are we debating? There are many arguments and debates about Roe 8 and the Perth Freight Link: political, social, economic and environmental. These arguments, however, seem emotive and disconnected from the main issue, rather than being focused on shaping a coherent urban outcome. So what is it that are we actually arguing about? Key…