In February 2017 the Australian Institute of Architects held an Urban Design Forum on the subject of Roe 8 and the Perth Freight link.
The AIA have not officially taken a position on the PFL, but the forum was a useful contribution to the conversation.
Events like these highlight that – although the opposition to Roe 8 is very much a local grass roots movement in its essence – the choices that the government has made to get us where we are now and where we are going from here, have far reaching consequences that will affect how we identify with our City and present ourselves to the world for decades to come.
This is a crisis of progress. We can choose to proceed ‘as usual’, and tie ourselves to outdated notions of progress and become hamstrung by the infrastructure we build, or we can take a good look and redefine the policies and practices using cutting edge, progressive research and methods to make a better city for all.

The following paper was presented at this event and can be downloaded from the Beeliar Groups website:

Professor Peter Newman, CUSP, Curtain University (at 10:00 in the video)
Cameron Edwards, Independent Infrastructure and Corporate Advisor (at 24:25)
Dr Brad Pettitt, Mayor of Fremantle (at 40:45)

also invited was the Russell Aubrey, Mayor of Melville, who declined to attend.

The forum was hosted by architect and chair of the Urban Design Committee Peter Hobbs and introduced by Chris Melsom, Director at HASSELL.